It seems you are here because you need a new website or you would like to update / to redesign your old website. Well, you are on the right page.

We develop websites. We’d love to make a superior website for you that operates smoothly and brings in new business.

We offer a silver level website, a gold website and a platinum website.

No matter which package you choose, you’ll get our full attention. Every site is different. We’ll get to know about your business first. Then we can build a unique site that truly meets your needs.

Okay, let’s have a look at our 3 packages …


Platinum website
$4,235.00 inc. GST

Unlimited pages

CMS platform

Super mobile friendly

Training & support

SEO Optimised

60 HD stock images

3 week turnaround


$4,235.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Silver website
$1,375.00 inc. GST

Up to 6 pages

CMS platform

Super mobile friendly

Training & support

SEO Optimised

5 HD stock images

5 day turnaround


$1,375.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Gold website
$2,805.00 inc. GST

Up to 15 pages

CMS platform

Super mobile friendly

Training & support

SEO Optimised

30 HD stock images

2 week turnaround


$2,805.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart



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Call to Action

What do you want people to do on your site? Call you? Email you? Book an appointment or browse through a catalogue? We’ll set up the Call to Action that works best for your needs.

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Contact Form

What information do you want your form to collect? If you ask for too much information, there’s a risk the customer will leave your site.

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Website Pages

Decide what pages you want. And what subpages you need. By the way, you provide the written content for your pages.

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Products on the Website

If you are having an e-commerce store, think about the number of products you’ll have there. This will impact how we build the site.

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Payment Methods

Think about how you want people to pay for their products. Credit cards and PayPal are common options. Some products may be a subscription. We can also set up monthly direct debit payments. This works well for gyms, magazine subscriptions and clubs.

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Shipping Method

For a physical product, you need to choose your shipping methods. There are plug-ins that integrate smoothly into Australia Post. They will give the customer a shipping cost based on the weight of the item.


Highly experienced team

Our team has over 30 years of skills and experience to offer you.

Complex approach to your business

We supply 50 target SEO words included in the set up. This will start pulling people to your site from day 1. And, we can help you set up Google My Business

Thinking one step ahead

Do you wish you had time to load your Google and Facebook reviews onto your website, so more people could see them? Well, we can do that for you with our own app. It will find your reviews and import them into your site every day. This is how it looks on Jim Trouse’s website, ArborClimb.

Responsive website development

We don’t let your site go live until we are 120% happy with it. We’ll test it thoroughly. We test your site and make sure it looks good and works smoothly on mobiles, laptops and desktops. Phones can have many screen sizes and these can alter the look of your site. We’ll adjust your site until we are satisfied it looks professional and operates well on a wide range of popular devices. After all, your website is the business face you show the world.

Building functional websites

You may have noticed that some websites look and operate differently on different browsers. If your customer is using Google Chrome your site will show up one way, and a customer using Bing get a different layout. So we build your site for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We want it to be functional, easy to use and visually appealing.

Register your domain and provide a free hosting

If you need to register a domain name, we can help you with that. We are offering you one year of FREE hosting with AWS – Amazon Web Services which loads within 3 seconds. And we provide email addresses to go with your site.


Let’s take a minute tell you about a few of our clients.



“We have been working with Alex and his team at I Need Website for a while now and we have noticed a real difference. We do not get phone calls from customers saying they cannot access our web site and I do not get anxious anymore about the technology side of things. Do we recommend Alex and the team from I Need Website, you bet ya! Totally recommend I Need Website. I-Blossom Team”

Jaali B

Jaali B

“Alex really helped out Mum and Dad’s Business, with a program to run the day to day requirements. Professional, prompt and accurate, Assisted with updates and bug fixes overnight. Dad recommends Alex for any programing or website needs.”

Ben Woolgrove

Insurance Works

“Alex knows his stuff, but more than that, he actually cares. Highly Recommended. “


With our SEO Package you receive:

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We also give you daily backups and reloading at no cost. Plus if you have new products or other content to post, we’ll do that for you. No charge.
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To get you started, we are offering you one year of FREE hosting with AWS. This is valued at $198, not to mention our staff time for loading new content as you need it.
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We can also offer you graphic support to suit your needs. If your design work is already done, we’ll work with that. If you need professional design work for your site we can do that.
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We also offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll bring this to the meeting. If you’d like a copy beforehand, just email us.