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Hi, I’m Alex Merenkov, Director of I Need Website.

Welcome to this page about our SEO management services.You are here because you are not satisfied with your current SEO results.

Let’s face it. SEO is a specialised field. It’s full of jargon and statistics. And it’s not easy to find the time to understand it.

If it confuses you, well, let me tell you something … most of our clients are confused. Over time we can help you understand SEO and why it matters so much for your business growth.

If you worry about other businesses outranking you, well, so does the other guy.

One month you can be up there on the front page of Google and the next month your business is listed way down below your major competitors. It’s up, it’s down. It’s unpredictable.

The painful thing is you don’t know why. So how do you fix it?

Google ranking can seem like a mystery, some secret trick you don’t know about.

And falling off that front page can hurt. With fewer new customers finding you, you may have to lay off staff.

Well, we don’t want you going down that road. There is a way to take the mystery out of Google searches and bring your business up to page 1.

seo sydney


Okay, you need a plan and experts to carry out the plan.

It used to be enough to have good products and give top service. These days, you need more. The online world is so much a part of our daily lives. People choose new services and products here.

The good news is these folks are looking for you – reliable business people with quality products and outstanding customer service.
Let’s help them find you.

This is what we do.

We meet with you to find out about your business goals and collect publicity materials. We want to know your products and your story.
Then we put together a Strategic SEO Plan for your business. And we send this to you for comments.

Once we have an agreed plan, you are assigned an SEO Manager from our small team. Your manager will start to carry out the plan.

We Have Some Advantages Over the Other Guys

Now, we have some advantages over the other guys. We developed our own app called SEO Timeline. With this we can monitor your Google position every day. This shows us what is ranking well and what needs adjusting. You know, SEO is not a set and forget activity. It’s not about luck. It’s not about guessing what Google is up to with its algorithms. We take a scientific approach.

We use the data we get from the SEO Timeline app then make changes. We may tweak the language on your website. We may add text behind your images so Google can find you more easily. We may add new content. There are many actions we can take to boost your ranking.

It’s a cycle of continual improvement. Take action, measure, reflect and take a new action.

And so it goes. Doing this every day for a month gives you lots of small advantages. These build up to more traffic over the month and a higher ranking.

Okay so Let’s Take a Minute to Tell You

About a Few of Our SEO Clients

Kendall Morton runs Home Care Assistance. Her geographical area covers the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Wide Bay.

Home care is a super-competitive industry. Many new businesses have sprung up since the federal government changed the way home care is funded for senior Australians.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, there are


businesses competing for the same customer.

When Kendall Morton came to us, she was not using an SEO service. She had no active strategy.

And she was not getting any enquiries from her website.

We’ve been running her SEO for a while now. These days, Home Care Assistance comes up as number 1 on Google Maps and Google search.

And what’s more … they have held that top position for over 12 months.

You may be thinking, why am I mentioning Google Maps?

The thing is, if you are searching for a service in a particular place, Google will refer you to Google Maps. This pinpoints where the businesses are. It makes sense.

Take a look. These map listings often come up on your screen above the Google listings.

So, here’s the lesson.

If your business is a local service and it’s not on Google Maps, you’re missing out on all that traffic.

We can fix that for you.

Now back to telling you about our SEO clients.

Darren Miller came to us with a particular problem. He’d moved his landscaping business from the Blue Mountains in NSW to the Sunshine Coast. And as you can imagine, he’d lost all his clients. He had his truck, his tools and his experience but without customers, his business was dead.

We started managing his SEO.

After 6 months Darren phoned and said he was fully booked for 3 months and could I stop with the SEO work! We were thrilled for him.

But it’s not always about the amount of SEO traffic you get. Quality matters too.

Steve Brett owns Brett’s Plants. He supplies plants for events on the Sunshine Coast. With our SEO management he is now attracting major corporate clients in Brisbane. These clients have an ongoing need for plant hire and pay well for a superior service.

Brett’s New Clients again …

So how do we get these results?

There are many trade tools and techniques we use. For instance, we know that Google will promote sites that are trusted. We can build that trust and what’s more, we measure it.

So How Do We Get These Results for SEO Sydney?

Here’s some more trust builders that we use for your site …

A presence on Google My Business

Blog posts

Links to your pages from other websites

Landing pages

Citations in other quality sites

Your products and services clearly labelled

Listings on work directories

Best use of images and image data

Mark your spot on Google Maps

Look, this is not a quick fix.

We estimate your SEO Sydney Manager will spend 10 hours on your account every month. Added to that, you get frequent input from our whole team.

And we keep things relevant and current for you. For instance, if there have been fierce hailstorms and you fix hail damaged vehicles, we highlight that on your site.

Okay, I’m coming to the end of this presentation. I’ll summarise what you get by engaging us as your SEO managers.

This is what you get in your monthly SEO package …

Just on that monthly report, it will show you what value you are getting for your SEO investment. It’s factual. It takes away the uncertainty.

It’s not just our data we show you. We use Google Analytics. It’s independent of us. Your report is full of useful data. It shows you the number of visitors and how the keywords are working for you. It has snapshots showing when your site ranked on page 1 of Google.

Your monthly investment is just $660

Okay, now to the investment …

For this monthly service you pay $660. This includes your GST.
That may seem like a big investment but doing nothing is not getting you onto page 1.

Plus we include our unique social media lead capture program at no cost.
This program is exclusive to our SEO clients. Here’s how it works.

Prefer Refer

We have developed exclusive social media lead capture program. This program is exclusive to our SEO clients. It monitors social media and picks up job leads for you. These are leads that are happening right now in your local area.

It works. For the Yardman it brought in 115 leads in 60 days.

For Anna Woolgrove it brought in 30 leads in 60 days.

It works with the keywords that you set. Typically these are the same keywords that we use for your SEO optimisation.

The beauty is — if your potential customers are hanging around community boards asking questions, YOU DON’T NEED TO. You automatically get alerts. It’s a real time saver.

But the thing is you get an unlimited number of keywords.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident we can help you. In fact we guarantee it.

After working with us for 3 months, you’ll have at least 10% more SEO Sydney traffic every month. And in the unlikely event that you don’t, you won’t be charged for that month.

How Can We Be So Confident? Well …

We currently manage SEO for 30 businesses. Every business we support made it onto page 1 of Google within 6 months.

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Access to the exclusive social media lead capture program at no cost

This program is exclusive to our SEO clients. It monitors social media and picks up job leads for you.

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Monthly Reporting

Monthly report will show you what value you are getting for your SEO investment. It’s factual. It takes away the uncertainty.

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Award-winning Company

We are proud to say we are 2019 Sunshine Coast Business Awards Finalist

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Our Guarantees

We guarantee – after working with us for 3 months, you’ll have at least 10% more SEO traffic every month. And in the unlikely event that you don’t, you won’t be charged for that month.

Digital Marketing Services

What we do about it

That feeling of seeing your money go down the drain. Placing ads to see no result.
We strive to provide value with every ad we place.
We either earn or we learn.

What makes an ad profitable?

The main driver for profitable ads is getting your target audience engaged.
All platforms then give you the ad for a lower price and show it to more people.
The lead could be profitable – Please think about how much you can spent per customer in order to feel happy about your profit.

Your goals come first

Do you want your customers to call you?
Or purchase goods in your online store?
Is that working well enough?

This is our first focus. Why waste money telling people about something that doesn’t work in your favour?
We fix a underperforming website first. Then we tell the world about it.

Our Packages

$660.00 inc. GST / month

Optimising your website content & structure for the best SEO outcomes

Creating links from other highly credible sites to increase your ranking

Creating & connecting social profiles like Google My Business

And more!

$660.00 inc. GST / monthSign Up Now

SEO & Online Advertising
$1,320.00 inc. GST / month

Optimising your website content & structure for the best SEO outcomes

Creating links from other highly credible sites to increase your ranking

Creating & connecting social profiles like Google My Business

Creating and posting social media content

And more!

*includes only management and reporting. Advertising budgets are charged directly to your account.

$1,320.00 inc. GST / monthSign Up Now

Virtual me
$55.00 inc. GST / month

Voice message recording

Automatic answering for mobile phone

Voice memo with services

Call forward to specified number

$55.00 inc. GST / monthSign Up Now

Our Testimonials

Karen Brennan
Karen Brennan
07:15 24 Jan 20
I found Alex to be easy to communicate with and proficient in understand our needs and delivering effective solutions.... Ours was not a standard job but we were very happy with the results and the service we received. I would highly recommend.read more
Ptech Support
Ptech Support
22:55 18 Jan 20
Had some issues but Alex worked through them and got the website running as i needed.
Nathan Behrens
Nathan Behrens
18:39 11 Sep 19
Really efficient and responsive with their turn around times. Brought a lot of great ideas to the table.
Alan Chapman
Alan Chapman
01:21 09 Dec 13
Hi I used these guys to design a new website for me in Wordpress, I like Wordpress as its cheap and easy to manage they... did a great job on time and budget couldn’t be happier, my Sydney team are happy and we are starting to get results. Thanksread more
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Nikki Marshall
Nikki Marshall
I’ve been working with Alex and his team to set up, maintain and redesign a website over the past two and a half years.... He’s been brilliant to deal with and responds quickly to emails. He’s also put and kept us on the first page of Google for our key search terms. It’s great having I Need Website in our corner.read more
Jordan Hayes
Jordan Hayes
I've recently used I Need Website to build my new business website and app. The finished product is excellent. Very... high quality work.read more
Madeline Houlders
Madeline Houlders
Alex and his team have been working with us for the past 3 years on both our SEO and social media. We had tried other... companies without much success but Alex continues to get results month after month. We highly recommend what they do.read more
Karen Lindley
Karen Lindley
I met Alex 7 years ago when he was referred to me. I knew nothing about computers, I wasn’t doing SEO and I had no... enquiries through my website. Working with Alex has brought customers to me - I do no other advertising and i’m constantly busy because of I Need Website. It’s effortless - I don’t have to do anything! Thank you - Karen Lindley.read more
Nadine Mackle
Nadine Mackle
I need website took care of all our web and email hosting and had us up and running in no time!
Michael White
Michael White
Like a lot of business owners I sometimes need things done yesterday! Alex and his team did a great job given they were... on a very tight deadline with our app, and I am happy to recommend I Need Website. I will be using them again in the future for sure!read more
Tegan Martens
Tegan Martens
Alex assisted my business with some website updates and in particular, to my online booking system. The updates have... undoubtedly increased the efficiency for bookings. I would highly recommend Alex for any website needs!read more
Louise Petherick
Louise Petherick
After forgetting the password to my ecommerce website, Alex fixed it for me within hours of sending through the... information. I was scared I'd have to start again. Thank you so much. 10 out of 10 star rating.read more
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller
Alex is very experienced and knows exactly how to increase exposure for your business best, in terms of SEO. He follows... up quickly on issues and responds to all of our business needs very well. I highly recommend him!read more
Kimberleigh Barker
Kimberleigh Barker
If you need web design or any personally built programs don't go any further than "I need a website". Alex goes out of... his way to ensure that he provides a great service and a product you are happy with. Alex works with you to make sure that you are happy with every aspect of his product. Alex is only a phone call away if you have any queries. Thank youread more
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