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Snigga is a unique messaging service allowing users to have a laugh directly at the receiver. Whether you wish to laugh with other users or laugh at them, Snigga is the perfect solution. When you receive a snigga, the app will automatically open displaying the contents of the message and/or image and play your pre-set audio file without the need for the user to interact.

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Our Core Team

Galina M.

Galina spends most of her time working on branding and illustration. Originally from Ukraine, Gali spent some time in Sydney and Melbourne and finally moved to the amazing Sunshine Coast two years ago. She has worked with high profile brands and digital agencies to create the best engagement and user experience. Galina says “For me…

Edward O.

Edward has a master in engineering for jet engines and turbomachines. He built major power plants as a project manager and delivered every project on budget and time. His favourite was Isogo New Unit Nb.1 in Japan which is the poster boy to date in regard to efficiency. Moving from Germany to Australia in…

Alex M.

Alex has over ten years experience as a web programmer and has worked with clients in Australia, the UK, USA, Netherlands and Switzerland. He has a master’s degree in computer sciences and works as a head of I Need Website. Alex is passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses develop unique ways to grow…