It seems you are here for one of two reasons

  • You have an app in mind that you’d like to get built. We can help you with that.
  • Or you may want to explore how an app can help your business. We can help you with that too.

We’ve built over 30 apps. They are always unique and innovative. App can give you a strategic advantage over your competitors and it is also a product you may want to market it and sell it to others.
When you get an app from us, we build it from scratch. It’s not an off the shelf program. The app is there to improve things for you. This could be better efficiency, better customer support or cost reductions. There are loads of ways an app can help you. It all depends on what you need.


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Better Customer Experience

Your app can help customers see their account from their phone rather than wait until they are near a desktop. It’s time-saving and convenient. They can use it anytime and anywhere.

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Better Marketing Experience

When the customer values your app, you can make it part of your marketing. You can send reminders, competitions and specials.

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Better Business Experience

A good app can bring you multiple advantages such as more efficient processes, improved data collection, better staff communication, easier goal tracking.



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We sit down with you and find out what you want, your ideas and goals. Your app may need different levels of access – for staff, admin and clients. We collect these details from you and present it back to you as user stories.

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App Wireframe

Once you sign up to work with us, we turn these user stories into wireframes. These are drawings that show how the interface may look.

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App Prototype

After that we make the actual prototypes. These look likes the apps but they are not functional. At this stage you can download the app onto your phone and try it. But your app is not yet public.

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UI and UX user experience

Next we create the UI user interface and UX user experience. The UI is the visual look of the app and the UX is more to do with convenience.

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App Development

Then if that all goes well, we move onto making the app functional. This involves integrating to third party services and back end functionality or APIs. An API is an application program interface that allows the app to connect to the server.

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App Testing

We use a cloud-testing platform. This allows us to test your app on hundreds of devices such as different brands of phone and different screen sizes. The goal here is that your app works easily for the customer no matter what model or brand of phone or device they have.


Pest Control

This app …

  • Takes bookings
  • Does pest inspection reports
  • Writes and sends invoices
  • Connects to Xero
  • Emails clients about their annual inspection
  • Sends payment reminders

A few stats…

  • This app took us 3 months.
  • It is saving Owner 8 hours a week in admin time
  • It has boosted his repeat business by 23%
  • And all this for an investment of $9000

So far, we have created customised job management apps for cleaning, pest control and delivery companies. We’re keen to do more.

App Owner sell this app to other small operators in the pest control industry. This bring him a new income stream.

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We can build a VR app to help a builder showcase their plans.

The builder can set up a few different house packages and show them to the customer through a virtual reality headset.

It’s immersive and 3D. The home buyer feels they are walking through the house.

It gives them better information about the layout. They can select their home package with more confidence.

In fact, the app enhances the whole buying experience. It sets your company apart.

To create this type of app costs around $5000 and takes 3 months.

If you run a restaurant, we can build you an app to showcase your menu.

It can have photos, recipes, whatever you want. A customer can book a table, order a takeaway, accumulate loyalty points and get notifications.

This would take about 3 months to build and cost $10000 on one platform. The app can use GEO location so that your restaurant is visible to local people.

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web design bli bli-seo bli bli

Apps for i-watches

Sometimes we are asked to develop apps on i-watches. We can do this. These apps are totally original and purpose built for i-watch users.


Let’s take a minute tell you about a few of our clients.

Matt Houlders

Little Critters Pest Control

“Alex Merenkov can do anything. He developed Pest App Management System the way I wanted it. It’s functional and fast. It works better for me as it’s made just for the pest industry.”

Emma Greenhatch

Bring a Plate app

“I have a very busy schedule. Alex was great at keeping the project moving forward and being flexible with how we worked together. In addition to this he has such strong integrity and I consider him to be a trusted partner.”

Jordan Hayes


“I’ve recently used I Need Website to build my new business website and app. The finished product is excellent. Very high quality work.“


This is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

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We guarantee we will work closely with you to ensure your app meets your requirements before it goes live.
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We guarantee to offer you training so you can use your app with confidence as a new business asset.
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In the unlikely event there are glitches in the app of our making, we guarantee we will fix these courteously, quickly and free of charge.